Check out Dex on Kickstarter

Czech this out! Dreadlocks, an independent Czech studio, has arrived on Kickstarter with Dex, a cyberpunk RPG made in the spirit of old-school side-scrollers. I love it! I think that the unforgiving nature of the side-scroller genre resonates well with the cyberpunk theme, and the more narrative-oriented, RPG spin that Dex seems to have is exactly what the mix needs to make me want to put my hands on this as soon as possible! Check Dex out, and please do make sure that they hit what they need!

Finally cyberpunk RPGs! Let’s watch this beauty a couple more thousand times now.

Netherworld: Feedback

The Netherworld demo has attracted some nice attention and I am excited to see that people seemed to really like the game. Adam Smith described it on RockPaperShotgun as ‘a highly intriguing project’, so – nice!

More nice words about Netherworld here, here, and .cz people also here. Thanks to everyone who’s helping to spread the word on their websites, on Facebook, in their peer networks or anywhere else!

Also, Indie-Game.FR published the picture-association interview that I talked about earlier. I was supposed to free associate to the somewhat edited Rorschach inkblots that I had been sent earlier – it was a nice concept, and a welcomed occassion to brush up on my French. So there it is – French only, though!

Netherworld needs you on IndieGoGo!

OK everyone, so my Netherworld is now ok IndieGoGo and needs your help! I have not revealed too much about it earlier, because I was SUPER BIZZY with actually working on it. I literally lived only to make the IndieGoGo pitch happen in the last 30 days – there was not a lot of sleep, I have not done literally nothing else, but there it is, and you absolutely should check it out, because I think it has turned out brilliantly!


Netherworld is an abstract exploration roguelike with tactical turn-based combat encounters  – and the coolest part is that you can construct your own spellpowers. The world is very ethereal and otherworldly, represented with abstract visuals, which – mind you – are currently only placeholders that will be replaced as soon as I team up with an actual visual artist. The mechanics are very robust and will always invite you to come up with your own solutions: there is no one correct way to win this, so it’s time to show some actual smart play!

The Kickstarter needs to happen, so I appreciate any help that you can possibly provide in order to push this forward. I have one cool game for you to play next year, but you need to meet me halfway now, because this is the make or break time! Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it!

Quick Catch-up

I’ve been really busy lately, so there has been some radio silence, but I do have quite some brilliant news to share, so let’s do that!

1] I’ve submitted Wake Up Call into the Innovative Game Design category in the Student Game Competition, which takes place within the Computer-Human Interaction conference (aaaand, we’re done with the Three Capitalised Words!). Which means that I am invited to come down to Paris in the early May to present Wake Up Call to people at the conference and then also introduce the game super quickly during the SGC award ceremony. My university was cool enough to help me out with the registration fee that I needed to put up, so Paris in early May it is indeed! I always love to come back to Paris, and in early May there is not a better place to be, so – YAY.



2] Also on the French note, here’s a Wake Up Call review on Indie-Game.FR. The admin has also approached me with a proposition to do a rather special kind of interview, and I really like the idea,  so now as soon as I have time, I’ll write up the responses, and link to the interview. I’m looking forward to that, I think that it could be quite a reflective experience.

3] Wake Up Call and Spider have been added so Softpedia, and Wake Up Call has been featured on the German c’t magazine DVD .

I do have an awesome project coming up, which I will should announce quite soon. Stay tuned!

Prismatic: First test

I’ve made several prototypes this autumn, and then ultimately chose one that I’ve decided to actually commit to, at least to the point where I could see other people play it. This was Prismatic. The basic premise is super simple: It’s a duel between two players, and you win when you obtain either all four symbols of any particular color, or all four symbols of any particular shape. Each round, usually three random symbols come up that you can bet your tokens upon (however, you do not see how does your opponent bet), and then whoever bets more on a particular symbol wins it over.

Obviously, there is a little more to it: You can try to obtain triplets, which means that when you have three of a kind, but your opponent blocks you and wins the last one, you both return those symbols, and you earn an additional token to bet with. Also, sometimes there are  power-ups in the auction, such as tie-breakers, scramblers (that place the other player’s tokens randomly next round), etc.

I am excited that people actually seem to like the prototype. Friends, classmates and random internet people alike seemed to really enjoy the psycho warfare that this has going on, so I decided to commit to this seriously and make it a cool and polished title, with all the pretty sweeteners around the core mechanic that the concept deserves, so watch out!


Letteria re-release planned

I’ve decided to re-release Letteria, to see how well it would do now, when people actually pay attention to indie games. Because back in 2006 when we’ve released this, most downloads could actually come from, like, you know, CNET.

There’s only one issue with this, which is that I’ve stopped to maintain the website that people could upload their hi scores to. So obviously, I need to put that back online first, because online hi scores are where the fun is at. To do that, I’ll need a backup CD that I have in Prague somewhere, so this will have to wait a little while, until I’ll stop by back in Czech, which should be some time next year.

Wake Up Call published on Desura!

OK, so Wake Up Call has been published on Desura now. Fancy button that portals you instantly to Desura here>

Desura Digital Distribution

It’s remarkable how much more publicity Desura can provide once you achieve to step your game up there from IndieDB. I’ve got about 1.500 views on the game’s page during the whole two months that it’s been on IndieDB; once on Desura, I’ve got another 1.500 the first day. The game gets featured on the Desura homepage and articles with the video are created automatically on IndieDB’s and ModDB’s respective homepages, which is where most of the traffic comes from.

Anyway, I’ve got some more reviews. Out of seven reviews, the game was rated 5x 10/10, 1x 8/10 and 1x 1/10. Which is not bad at all, considering that this was kinda experimental and I wasn’t sure at all about whether anyone would be keen on this. Glad to hear that people seem to be.

Wake Up Call on IndieDB

OK, so I’ve added Wake Up Call to IndieDB and it has been authorised. At the moment, there’s one review only, which otakumarek sent from Bolivia – lol. And it’s a ten! Nice! :-D Cheers to Bolivia, dude!

This awesome live button should tell you how Wake Up Call is doing at the particular moment when you read this. Which is not as important as that you should download and play it, obviously. But maybe you have already. So there you have a button.

Wake Up Call [surrealist]
Wake Up Call [Surrealist]

Wake Up Call released!

Wake Up Call has been in beta two weeks now, where I’ve asked people over at the LÖVE Forums as well as several other people around me to play it and let me know what they think. Firstly, I am happy to hear that overall they seem to like it! Also, I’ve received several important comments that I’ve used to tweak and polish both the visuals and the values. Shout out and many thanks to the people, who helped me to tune Wake Up Call to the point where I am ready to release it as done!

The word association scene.

Yes, Wake Up Call is now public. You can downloat it now. That’s the takeaway. On Windows, download this. For Mac/Linux, install LÖVE runtime client and then downoad and open this.

Let me know what you think! Even more importantly, HF!